Vorbis Extension

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ogg Vorbis files?
Ogg Vorbis files are audio files similar to MP3 and other emerging formats such as MP3pro and WMA. Ogg Vorbis files have better sound quality than MP3 files of the same bitrate. Ogg Vorbis is an open source development and is not restricted by an patents. For more information visit the Vorbis website.
What does VorbisExt do?
VorbisExt provides two property sheets that integrate into the explorer shell. A comment editor sheets provides the ability to create and modify ogg vorbis comments. The information page displays various Ogg Vorbis information. The property sheets are available by right clicking on a vorbis file and selecting Properties or by pressing ALT-ENTER on a vorbis file in explorer.
Does VorbisExt support multiple file tagging?
No. There are plans to implement multiple file tagging in the future.
I installed VorbisExt and have been using it. Now the property sheets seem to have gone. What has happened?
Another program has associated itself with .ogg files. VorbisExt will need to be reregistered into the Windows registry. Simply run the installation file which will reregister VorbisExt. A reboot of the PC should not be required.
Vorbis files modified by VorbisExt display unusual characters such as "Â" in the title/artists when using my player. Is this a bug?
This is not a bug with VorbisExt. VorbisExt fully supports unicode characters and all text is encoded into UTF-8. Unfortunately, some vorbis players cannot display the UTF-8 text correctly. If you are using a player that does display the unusual characters it is most likely a UTF-8 problem with the player. If you are using the winamp plugin, upgrade to the latest version from Winamp.
VorbisExt installed successfully on my Windows 2000/Me computer but the property sheets are not displayed. What is the problem?
This is a problem with Windows 2000 and Windows Me. If .ogg files are registered in a certain way the shell extension is ignored by Windows. To fix the problem the file class settings must be restored by following these steps.
  1. In explorer, select Tools, Folder Options from the menu.
  2. Select the File Types tab.
  3. Select the OGG extension and click on Restore.
The file association must be registered with your preferred software again. This must not be done by double clicking on a vorbis file and selecting Always use this program to open these files. Usually your preferred software provides an automated way of registering files. The VorbisExt installation executable may have to be rerun.
How do I add columns to the detailed view in explorer so I can view information about my vorbis files?
You must be running Windows 2000 or Windows Me. In the detailed view, right click on column bar and select the More... menu option. A Column Settings dialog will be displayed. Select the columns you wish to be displayed.